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Complete Network Hardware Protection

Routerbazaar offers a complete network coverage solution customized to your network and budget needs. Save as much as 50-90% on hardware maintenance without compromising your network performance. In an environment where IT managers are constantly challenged to manage network performance, mitigate risks, and manage costs against network threats and load demands, Routerbazaar offers a complete network coverage solution to maximize network performance, extend equipment life, and reduce cost without increasing risk. Offering multi-generation support, flexible contracts, and modular pricing, Routerbazaar offers a customized and financially manageable solution for firms straining to meet network and budget requirements.

The Routerbazaar Advantage:

  • Hardware maintenance savings of 50%-90%.
  • Advanced hardware replacement options (next-business-day, 4-hour, and onsite spare)
  • Guaranteed next business day equipment replacement
  • Multi-generation hardware support—including hardware end-of-lifed (EoL)—by the manufacturer

Extend Equipment Life

Manufacturers often announce product end-of-life (EoL) long before equipment upgrade or replacement is necessary. Routerbazaar full support of current and previous generation equipment (for as long as you own it) puts the control of your network refreshes and upgrades back in your hands.

Protect Your Edge

High costs of traditional OEM maintenance force many organizations to focus resources only on the core, leaving edge routers and remote offices vulnerable. Routerbazaar offers the flexibility to protect your edge while maintaining OEM core network coverage. Routerbazaar affordable pricing and quick delivery time allows you to protect your entire network, leaving nothing to chance.

Customize Your Coverage

Routerbazaar offers flexible, full coverage customized for your networking needs. With comprehensive contract options and modular pricing structures, Routerbazaar enables you to build a network maintenance plan that best fits your budget and network requirements.

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